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Package Printing – More than Just Packaging and Printing

Packaging and printing has gone from just a box that fits the product to the product pitchman. The proliferation of first product “un-boxing” videos and photo documentaries on the internet attest to the growing importance a product’s packaging has in creating an emotional connection with the consumer. The design, construction, texture, and, of course, print quality of a product’s package plays such vital role that it is not something that should be left to chance.

Like an interlocking 3-D puzzle, every crease, every flap must be micrometre perfect, or else you could end up with thousands of dollars wasted.

While your expertise may lie in product development or marketing, one of our “trade secrets” is our expertise in packaging development. We take the headache and risk out of carton packaging development and package printing.

To get things started, first consult with one of our Packaging and Printing Professionals regarding product dimensions, product presentation and budget objectives and/or a quote online.

Then, we go to our packaging engineering department who will develop in Computer Aided Design (CAD) several production ready prototype packages to choose from and create full-size assembled mockups of them.

Once a selection has been made, we provide a “blank canvas” wireframe template in Adobe Illustrator format from the CAD file for your graphic department to design the product brand, marketing message and product presentation onto. Meanwhile, we use the same CAD file to machine the die that will be used in the production of the package according to quantities and press specifications.

Once we receive the completed package design file, we output and assemble a high-quality, colour-accurate proof prototype of the package to ensure that the design works with the final shape and that the colours and content are as intended. If there are any changes to the artwork, we have an in-house graphic department who can make the requested changes immediately.

Upon approval of the prototype proof, we go to press, where we give full access to on-press approvals in order to ensure that the final printed product will match expectations.

Turnaround time from package design concept to final printed and assembled package is as little as two weeks. This makes our package printing production service perfect for short run prototypes, high-end luxury product packaging and small batch specialty products.