Package Printing Capabilities in Toronto

Folding Carton Printing and Packaging Services

An effective product package must be striking and creatively impressive. The package design must be not only informative and communicative of your company’s message but the printing must be eye-catching and arresting. Our folding carton packaging printing will attract customers’ attention.

Our folding carton packaging and printing services are useful for a wide array of products. For instance, carton packaging is useful for food boxes, medical boxes, manufacturing and much more. Folding cartons are considered to be among the most economical forms of packaging available.

  • Food Box Folding Carton
  • Perfume Folding Carton
  • Computer Box Folding Carton
  • Software Box Folding Carton
  • Box Sleeve Folding Carton
  • Cellphone Folding Carton
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Media Cases Printing and Packaging Services

With the rise in digital downloads over the past few years the importance of eye-catching and unique packaging for traditional media has increased. Many consumers and collectors still prefer to purchase their media in a traditional format, be it High Definition BluRay, DVD or CD media, due to the tangible aspect of the media packaging, some of which become priceless collectors’ items with time.

Trade Secret Package Printing can offer unique media packaging solutions while making them cost effective due to the volumes of media packaging we produce and because we have all the finishing equipment for gluing and assembling DVD, CD & Pozzoli Trays in-house.

  • Media (BluRay, DVD, CD) Trays
  • BluRay, DVD, CD Case Sleeves
  • Media Cases Inserts
  • LP Record Sleeves
  • Custom/Collectors CD Cases
Package Printing Toronto - DVD cover

Box Sleeve Printing and Packaging Services

A box sleeve is a visually appealing cover for packages that can give the sale of the product the edge it needs. They are designed to be a fast and convenient way of enhancing the appearance of a boxed product. They are used in a variety of industries, from toy sets to DVD cases. Box sleeves make for a versatile and inexpensive kind of product promotion.

Depending on the project packaging requirements, box sleeves may have windows for viewing of the product or have shapes die cut into a band with the product logo or company’s brand. Some typical configurations and uses for box sleeves are:

  • BluRay, DVD & CD Sleeves
  • Product Sleeve
  • Die Cut Sleeve
  • Tray and Sleeve
  • Band Sleeve
  • Box Sleeve
Package Printing Toronto - Blue Ray cover

Custom Box Printing and Packaging Services

We provide custom box printing designed to fit any kind of product and meet any product’s requirements, including size, shape, colour, thickness, design and more. These boxes are among the most carefully designed in the industry, as we understand just how important a product’s packaging is in the sales process.

We can create boxes with open bottoms, snap locking features and more for manufacturing convenience. Feel free to consult with our packaging experts and our creative packaging engineering department to create the perfect custom packaging for any product.

  • Computer Accesories Boxes
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Boxes
  • Cellular Phone Boxes
  • Health Product Boxes
  • Food Boxes
  • Fragrance and Perfume Boxes
  • Gift Boxes
  • Game Boxes
  • Office Supply Boxes
  • Automobile Parts Boxes
  • Toy Boxes
  • Soap and Shampoo Boxes
  • Promotional Package Boxes
  • Other Boxes
Packaging Printing Toronto - Custom Box Printing and Packaging Services

Blister Packs Printing and Packaging Services

Blister Packs are packages that form a plastic pocket to hold products, and they are useful for a variety of products, from toys and accessories to cellular phones. Trade Secret Package Printing blister pack printing inks and coatings are compatible with most blister packaging adhesives. We also can print and die cut fold over and trap/clam shell blister carton packaging.

  • Face Seal Blister Pack
  • Fold Over Blister Card
  • Bi-Fold Blister Card
  • Trap Blister Pack
Blister Packaging Printing -Packaging Printing Toronto